Wednesday, April 29, 2009

‘Dark Night of the Soul’ mini-video

A few weeks ago a number of us media whores got an intriguing package in the mail: a poster for something called “Dark Night of the Soul,” with David Lynch, Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse and a bunch of other big names. What was it? A movie? An album? Some promotional campaign for Lynch’s organic coffee brand? No idea.

Since then there ain’t exactly been a lot more information about it. A grainy photo went up on Now there’s a 16-second video on YouTube, and it’s something straight out of the Black Lodge: nightmarish flashes of a hand holding a little sheep; a gun on a table trading places with a cup on grass; some other freaky, blurry images; and then a still of Lynch, a horse, and a Mouse.

What does it all mean? Will Angelo Badalamenti be involved? Or Ray Wise? And does anyone care? We will find out in June.

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Unknown said...

According to URB, other collaborators include The Flaming Lips, Black Francis, Iggy Pop, and members of the Shins, Cardigans, and Super Furry Animals.

Excuse me, I must go have an orgasm right now.