Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Screamo + Auto-Tune + synthpop + dance moves = ‘crabcore’?

This is making the rounds today, but I’m posting here for people who don’t spend their time reading music blogs. It’s a song by a young band from Ohio called Attack Attack!, and it’s either the death of indie rock or the greatest ZZ Top video ever.

The Daily Swarm identifies this as an example of a new screamo subgenre called “crabcore,” which, according to its lovingly descriptive Wikipedia page, traces its origins to Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley.

The crabwalk is identified by the player’s extremely low stance, wherein both feet are set apart from one another as far as possible, while still allowing the player to maintain at least a 90 degree bend in his knees. While in the crab stance, the player then purposefully transfers the weight of his upper body between each leg, achieving a swaying motion intended to have a hypnotic, nauseating and baffling effect on audience members.

I wasn’t hypnotized or nauseated, but I was a little baffled.

Make sure you watch to the end: after you get past the cookie-cutter “hard” guitars, the Korn stance, the Auto-Tune emo vocals, and the sensitive piano breakdown, you get the Ibiza electro part.

I feel the need at this point to remind you, Dear Reader, that the term “emo” came from this band. You’ve come a long way, baby.

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Hayley Stange said...

Wow, uh, yeah, Attack! Attack! isn't emo, that would be called scene. If you, dear writer, were a little less ignorant and a little more open, you would see how revolutionary this band is. Which is why so many teens of today, including myself, look up to them, as well as Enter Shikari, Dance Gavin Dance, and more.