Tuesday, February 12, 2008

‘A bacon steak, a perfect match’

Ween performing “Freedom of ’76” on the Jane Pratt show back in the day, as posted on the band’s own YouTube channel. Deaner’s (?) comments:

This is one of my favorite tv clips of us. “Pure guava” was still a new record and we had just written this song. I think this is one of our last performances as a duo. This was filmed early in the morning and we were very stoned.

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Anonymous said...

Ween always brightens up my day. Thank you, my good friend. I love this clip, because this lady has no idea how stoned they are, and how complicated her questions sound. But you can just see from the glances between one another that it's like, "(jesus, really?...deaner, can you deal with this for a while? She's totally harshing my mellow...)"

And another thing: for some reason, these clips of young Ween remind me of clips of the Happy Mondays from a few years before... just two blokes trippin' and buggin'.