Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yes, it’s officially official

That thing you might have heard about how the New York Times is going to start charging for online access?

  • “It’s official. The New York Times says it will stop giving away its expensive-to-produce paper online and institute a metered model a la the Financial Times Web site.” (Columbia Journalism Review)

  • “It’s official: the NYT is putting up an FT-style paywall.” (Felix Salmon)

  • “It’s official: the New York Times is going to start charging for its website at the beginning of 2011.” (Gawker)

  • “It’s Official: Your Online New York Times Will Come at a Price” (Blogging Stocks)

  • “It’s Official: New York Times to Charge for Online Content” (The Wrap)

  • “It’s Official: NYT To Start Charging For Content In 2011” (Mediaite)

  • “It’s Official: New York Times Will Adopt Online Meter—But Not Until 2011” (Paid Content)

  • “It’s official: The New York Times will implement a metered pay wall in 2011” (Media Bistro)

  • “It’s Official – NY Times To Charge For Online Content” (Franklin Center)

  • “The New York Times has made it official: It’s going to charge for access under certain conditions starting in 2011.” (CNET)

  • “It started as a media industry murmur, but now it’s official: the New York Times, the most popular online newspaper in the U.S., will begin charging for access to its web site content.” (Lifehacker)

And in the other news of the day:

  • “It’s Official, World: Vampire Weekend’s Contra Is America’s #1 Record” (Village Voice)

  • “It’s official: Vampire Weekend have gone from indie rock sensations to the nation’s biggest musical act!” (Spin)

  • “It’s official. XL score first US number one album on a UK indie in 19 years. Vampire Weekend top Billboard album chart with ‘Contra’ ”(XL)

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