Monday, October 25, 2010

Four-word reviews from CMJ 2010

  • Marnie Stern: Mix buries guitar. Crime!
  • Dent May: Despite shtick, lyrical songcraft.
  • DOM: Garage-rock as vidgame.
  • Baths: Falsetto humanizes wobbly chilltronica.
  • The Loom: Appalachian garment, angst-y stitching.
  • Lucius: Luscious, luminous, lilting lullabies.
  • Wild Nothing: Name is half untrue.
  • Yo La Tengo: Indie endpoint? Irrelevant: wonderful.
  • The swag (not a band): Improved bag, dwindling stuffing.
  • Woven Bones: Fun/evil feedback vortex.
  • Times New Viking: Faster, chantier, unison-er, better.
  • Braids: Patterns enthrall, tinkering offputs.
  • David Vandervelde: Leon-ine, hirsute space blooze.
  • Phantom Band: Perfect indie choogle + melodica(s).
  • Robert Lester Folsom: Belated debut; kinda “Margaritaville.”
  • Homeboy Sandman: “Ohhh, freestyle o’ mine.”
  • Atomic Tom: Equipped, competent; heard before.
  • Shilpa Ray: Sounded fearsome, looked weary.
  • Prince Rama: Postpunk tribalism; Ari echoes.
  • Shrag: More Ari. (Or Headcoatees?)
  • Martina Topley-Bird: Right rasp, soul, sex.
  • The Body: Cranial drill volume. Whaaat?
  • Oberhofer: Designated marathonners, surfin’ Blood.
  • No Joy: Haze — feedback or hair?
  • La Sera: Simplicity, but not grace.
  • Cloud Nothings: Basement melody liberated, bashingly.
  • Viva l’American Death Ray Music: Greasepaint roar, Fall scrape.
  • Lower Dens: Slow cloud, affectless cry.
  • Cough: “Play slow, die ignorant”?!
  • Lia Ices: (Kate + Joanna) / (Arwen − Stevie)
  • Kanye West: Can he say no?


escalante blogger said...

Thanks for the links.

ttv said...

I like the "Homeboy Sandman" too.