Sunday, April 15, 2012

To rock, to roll, to sing the muse

Here is the poem that Donovan read at his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, on Saturday night in Cleveland. He said it "came to me" when he learned that he had "finally" been inducted (although he has used at least part of it before).

From my wandering days on lonely sands
When I sang my song to the moon and stars
To the world's great stage
Honored am I to sing my song to a million fans.
Always my wish to be of service
To ease emotion deep in the heart.
Always your poet, a shaman am I
To leaders or to the realm within
But I was branded for my beauty, yet protected by my art
Many plundered me for booty, but only one did steal my heart
How she keeps it in her casket still remains a mystery
Like the moonrise in a sunset, like the silence of the sea
I thank you for this bright green laurel resting now upon my brow
I thank you, goddess, and thank you, muses
And I thank my fellow artists all.

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