Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lou Reed’s little-known first album for $5

I wasn’t even aware that it was available digitally, but Lou Reed’s self-titled first solo album, which was released by RCA in 1972 and includes an early version of the song “Berlin” — as well as the first appearances of a bunch of Velvet Underground odds ’n’ sods like “I Can’t Stand It,” “Lisa Says” and “Ocean” — is on sale at for $5.

To my knowledge it’s long been available only as an import, which is how Amazon’s two CD versions of the album are listed (for $20.99 and $42.98). iTunes is selling it for $9.90, crediting it to “BMG Entertainment International UK & Ireland Ltd.”

It’s definitely not the greatest Lou Reed album, but it’s actually not bad, and any fan should have it. “Berlin” is especially interesting.

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