Saturday, November 14, 2009

Update to 2010 release dates

Updating my earlier calendar post, Tony Allen has been bumped to “spring/early summer,” per his U.S. publicist. Too bad, dude might miss out on Fela! hype, unless of course that show makes it to the Tonys, which is very plausible.

Silver lining: A new Magnetic Fields album has been announced for January. Pitchfork reports:

The bathroom-door-sleeved follow-up to the Magnetic Fields’ 2008 album Distortion is called Realism and it is out January 26 on Nonesuch. It features a song called “The Dada Polka” which may or may not be an actual polka song.

On the band’s website, Stephin Merritt calls this one the “folk” counterpart to Distortion, which also had a bathroom sign on the cover:

So they’re doing Shakira tricks now? Meh.

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