Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who I buried in 2010


It will also always be sad to me that on Christmas day last year I excused myself from my family dinner to write Vic Chesnutt’s obituary.


Lillian said...

The obit for Don Kirchner was just published. I am curious why Gerry Goffin's name never gets much attention. Gerry wrote all of the lyrics in the relationship with Carole King. Carole wrote the music.
I would like to also suggest that you interview John Zacherle, (aka Zaherly) asap. He is in hiis nineties and has a much more interesting past than just the horrow films. He is listed in the phone book.

ttv said...

Well, it's up for the master of his plan where really he is.

Yahswe Sukuyugi said...

wow! you're so powerful then..