Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This means you, Jason Isolda

Libraries are turning to collection agencies for those overdue book fines:

“Borrowers who fail to return Queens Library books can be reported to a collection agency and to a credit bureau, with a damaged credit rating as a result — a tactic that so shocked one Far Rockaway rabbi that he filed a lawsuit. ... The borough library system signed on in 1996 as the largest client of Unique Management Services, a collection agency that had reorganized itself three years earlier to specialize in recovering library books and late fees. The company, based in Jeffersonville, Ind., now chases down late accounts for more than 900 library systems, including the New York Public Library, several in Canada and two in England.” (Link)

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Jason said...

I'm sorry sir, your application for a home mortgage was denied due to...unpaid fines on a copy of Franz Kafka's _The Trial_.