Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Press release of the day: Joey DeMaio (of Manowar) honors opera star José Carreras

... and for first time, DeMaio does not crotch-grab and spray beer all over onstage guest

As part of the official delegation of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem — Knights of Malta — Federation of Autonomous Priories, Grand Cross Knight Of Malta Joey DeMaio presented an Award of Merit to world famous Spanish tenor José Carreras hailing his artistic career achievements and lifetime philanthropic works.

Joey DeMaio, Minister Of Youth of the Knights Of Malta, presented the award in the city of Timişoara (Transylvania), Romania last Sunday, July 20th.

Did anyone know that Joey is a Grand Cross Knight of Malta? Or that he is a (the?) Minister of Youth? Or that he uses the prefix Doctor? Or that his activities in this arena all seem to take place in Romania, Hungary or “Graddoland”? And that in addition to guys that look like this ...


... he hangs out with guys that look like this?


Cuz I sure didn’t.

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404 said...

I was stumped!

Had to do some research to find out what this order is.

In the following article they refer to him as Rev. Sir Joey DeMAIO (USA), GCKM. GCKM stands for Grand Cross Knight of Malta.

Look at the pics and see if you can spot him.


Maybe there was a raucous after party where Joey could perform his well-known stunts.

Personally I don't care if the man is the head of a nunnery. As long as I can hear MANOWAR I am in heaven.