Sunday, October 26, 2008

Four-word reviews from CMJ


Didn’t see quite as many bands as usual this year due to other work, but here are the sniglets I wrote for the Times’ ArtsBeat blog:

  • Pattern Is Movement: Lumberjack looks, sensitive ululations.
  • Princeton: Aww, indie Lauper cover!
  • The Lisps: Peppy co-ed pop candy.
  • Women: Four boys, strangled chords.
  • Oxford Collapse: Snarling, invigorating punk chants.
  • Faunts: Bubbly guitars feel weightless.
  • Crystal Stilts: Juxtaposition: gloomy and scrappy.
  • Lykke Li: Playful, ingenious Swedish glamazon.
  • Hayes Peebles: Li’s opening strummer; sympathize.
  • Shugo Tokumaru: Haunting, inviting acoustic virtuosity.
  • Audrye Sessions: If Radiohead were emo.
  • The Dutchess & the Duke: Wistful folky dirges. Inauthentic.
  • Jay Reatard: Punksplosive. Go man go!
  • The King Khan & BBQ Show: Garage’s essence, wonderfully deviant.
  • Mission of Burma: Postpunk will never die.
  • Shout Out Out Out Out Out: Electro Edmontonians embrace excess.
  • Growing: Two guitars, such din?
  • Holyhail: Hate saying “generic,” but ...
  • Psychic Ills: Throbbing drones, migraine-loud.
  • Sian Alice Group: Ended with apocalyptic crash.

Extended play:

  • The Muslims: One-chord surfers. Gnarly.
  • Shock Cinema: Potent, dark, tough; unshocking.
  • School of Seven Bells: Feminized MBV, perfectly executed.
  • Pendulum: Glowstickers, you’re easily pleased.


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