Friday, November 14, 2008

A bunch of new Watchmen videos

The big news is the new trailer. It just went up on Yahoo, which declares it “totally awesome.” Jake and Jesse have already pooh-poohed it, but I like it better than the previous one — more Cold War tension. 

I also missed the last couple of entries in the ongoing video journal on the Watchmen movie blog. No. 8, directly below, is about Silk Spectre, and No. 7 features Dr. Manhattan. Aside from my other nits, the thing that worries me most here is all the Matrix-style slow-motion fight shots. So 2001.

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Jake Rosenberg said...

Don't make me pooh-pooh this post.

I'm still interested to see how this turns out, and cautiously optimistic, but I think the Rorschach voice actor sounds a bit cheeseball and night owl is not enough of a slob.

We'll see, I'm open.