Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Press release of the day: Velvet Revolver, label ‘end partnership’

Dubious euphemisms dept.:

I’ve long been a fan of the press releases from Velvet Revolver, and in particular WEILAND, their former lead singer. The KGB did not document events as well, nor as misleadingly. Here’s the latest, saying that they got dropped by their label without saying that they got dropped by their label:


Finding the new lead singer for VELVET REVOLVER is a formidable task... So in June 2008, SLASH, DUFF MCKAGAN, MATT SORUM and DAVE KUSHNER approached RCA Records and asked to be released from their recording contract, as they felt they needed to have complete freedom to go through whatever process it would take to accomplish the goal…freedom from any timelines, pressures, influences or interests other than finding THE best guy. RCA Records honored the band’s request.

Carl Stubner, the band’s manager, says: “...The band is thankful that RCA understood the task at hand and has allowed the band to continue on their own.” Stubner added: “This band is comprised of some of the greatest rock musicians of the past three decades. They have built a brand with a solid foundation on a global level. And their sole focus has been, and continues to be, finding the singer/songwriter who will stand alongside them.”

Because the last thing you want when recruiting a new singer is a legitimate record contract to show that the band has a future.

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