Thursday, May 7, 2009

Marc Ribot on Popcast

Tooting own horn dept.:

PhotobucketWe have another treat this week on Popcast, the Times’s music podcast. Marc Ribot, guitarist on every other album you have loved over the last 20-odd years, came in to talk about his series of 55th-birthday concerts, which begin this weekend.

He also brought along his trusty, scruffy Gibson acoustic (that’s it in the otherwise unrelated photo below) to perform in our studio. We couldn’t shut him up — although he was only asked for one song, he played four, one after another. “Got six more minutes?” Marc asked after song number two. Then: “Three more minutes? I’m just getting warmed up.” We used two songs for the show: “Saints,” the title track of his 2001 album in tribute to Albert Ayler, and “Stella by Starlight,” a 1940s standard by Victor Young.

Listen to the show here; subscribe to Popcast here; and go here for more info about Marc Ribot’s birthday shows. (Birthday is May 21, BTW.)


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