Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Museum of propaganda: ‘Censored’


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Anonymous said...

I am Alexander Khochinsky, a Russian art dealer, paid a record €583,200 (£400,000) in Paris for the 26 letters written by the French satirist to Catherine II.

Your article about this here:

Three years ago I refused to say on whose behalf I had bought the archive. I said to reporters: “I cannot say the name of the person, but they are very important and in Russia.”

But all journalists has had concrete information regarding the person at the Kremlin who has promoted the return to Moscow of valuable artefacts from Russia’s history, many of which were lost to foreign collectors during the the last century. And on those time he has asked me to name the person on whose behalf I had bought the archive.
His name of the person who had to get the letters was Vladimir Putin.

This story did not finished utill now, but becames more dramatic…

I will appreciate you to arrange contact to me for someone of the journalists who are interesting to know of continuation of this story.

Please see attached some of publications regarding those record purchase

Sincerely yours,
Alexander Khochinskiy

Mobile: +7(495) 504-8125