Tuesday, July 21, 2009

APB from MGMT’s mgmt: iPod stolen!

Shocking news from New Zealand, via the blog set up for news about Chris Knox after his stroke.

MGMT did a DJ set on Monday as a benefit for Knox, who is reportedly recovering well. (The Tall Dwarfs had apparently been booked as their opening act somewhere — wow.) And some unkind soul stole an iPod from one of those poor boys!

This information is attributed to the group’s manager, whose title as MGMT’s mgmt is second only to “the producers of ‘The Producers.’ ” Either the manager, or the band, or Chris Knox, or the Bacco Room, or Toto restaurant, or the nation of New Zealand is offering the thief amnesty.

From the Knbloxg:

Hi All – MGMT’s manager David has contacted me saying that someone stole one of the band’s iPods on Monday night. I can’t believe how uncool this is! MGMT put on a show to help Chris out at a really terrible time in his life – they took no profits, organisied the show in a rush, & are great guys to boot...

If anyone out there can help locate the iPod we’d be really grateful. If it could be returned to the Bacco Room or Toto restaurant there’ll be no questions asked & we won’t press any charges.

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