Friday, July 24, 2009

Monster-about-to-chomp-babe poster of the day: ‘Big Alligator River’ (1979), version 2

Relaunching this shockingly fertile summer franchise in the most appropriate way: a sequel.


A.K.A. Alligators, A.K.A. Il Fiume del Grande Caimano. Part 1 here.

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Jesse said...

This one is the best yet. She is NAKED. Completely naked. Note how the guy in the background, on the left, looks clothed, perhaps even fully clothed in a suit. But this chick - wow. We're not even sure if she's unhappy about the alligator - she looks as if she's in the middle of sexual ecstasy. In fact, this alligator may not be about to chomp her at all, but might be rescuing her from the torments of a dead end marriage (to the guy on the left), with his oppressive family (people on the shore) who wave their fists in anger at her leaving. She has some sort of romantic relationship with this alligator, and is being whisked away by him, her knight in shining armor.