Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Front-page headline today in my hometown paper, the Daily Gazette (formerly and still unofficially known as the Schenectady Gazette):

Hemingway look-alike sweats out contest win
Key West victor David Douglas has local roots


Crediting his beard and a wool sweater, a Scotia native won the annual Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest in Florida on Sunday.

“You know, we always told him he looked like Kenny Rogers,” said Paula Mountain of her brother, David Douglas. “We used to tell people he was Kenny Rogers and they really believed us. But I guess now he looks like Ernest Hemingway.”

Stories that did not make the front page:

  • City urged to hire 10-15 more police
  • Official: Senators knew mortgage deals were ‘sweet’
  • Gates 911 caller didn’t mention race to police
  • Source: Anesthetic likely killed Jackson
  • Limits on energy trading proposed
  • Real estate market shows signs of revival

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