Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Press release of the day: Music boldly called sexier than farming

Headline: “Even in This Day and Age, People Would Rather be A&R Men Than Gangsters or Farmers!”

It’s for “the world’s first music based social network game,” a Facebook app called Hit or Not, which goes like this:

By listening to and ranking songs, players accumulate virtual cash they can use to “sign” and bribe artists and various other nefarious music biz activities. If the songs “signed” by the player rise on the Hit or Not charts, that player can “sell” those songs to make a (virtual) profit. The Hit or Not stock exchange is one financial institution that can never go bust, only perpetually up and down!

It’s not quite the first such site, though. In fact this sounds suspiciously like another service I wrote about a year ago called The Next Big Sound, which started off as a social networking A&R game but is now a data-mining sort of thing offering “actionable intelligence for the music industry.”

Either way, I’m not persuaded that people would rather do this than scoop manure or murder people.

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