Sunday, April 20, 2008

And doth Zed be dead?

A LiveJournaler named Kevin Pease has a clever, clever post of scenes from “Pulp Fiction” as if written by Shakespeare. Here’s one, sort of a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern moment; there are some more in his comments.

ACT I SCENE 2. A road, morning. Enter JULES and VINCENT, murderers.

V: And know’st thou what the French name cottage pie?
J: Say they not cottage pie, in their own tongue?
V: But nay, their tongues, for speech and taste alike
Are strange to ours, with their own history:
Gaul knoweth not a cottage from a house.
J: What say they then, pray?
V: Hachis Parmentier.
J: Hachis Parmentier! What name they cream?
V: Cream is but cream, only they say la crème.
J: What do they name black pudding?
V: I know not;
I visited no inn it could be bought.

(Via Boingboing.)

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