Thursday, April 10, 2008

Watchin’ the Watchmen production video

Just posted to the Watchmen movie blog: a nearly four-minute behind-the-scenes video showing set design and construction.

Very impressive on first glance. I’ll scour for errors later, but so far the only major one I noticed is that the midtown street corner is wrong: In the book the Gunga Diner and the newsstand, etc., are at 40th and Seventh, not 43rd and Sixth as they have it here. (43rd and Sixth, as New Yorkers know, has Town Hall and the International Center of Photography on the west side and the Hippodrome on the east, with office towers to the north and Bryant Park to the south. Not Times Square at all.)

Above is the “medium” resolution video. Better quality videos are available, including some HD ones.

UPDATE: Now that I’ve watched the HD version, there’s a nice Easter egg in there: on one of the street signs, 43rd is called “Burroughs St.”

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Anonymous said...

Kinda looks a little like "Howard the Duck" to me.