Friday, June 6, 2008

M.I.A. cancels European tour?

M.I.A. announced from the stage at McCarren Pool in Brooklyn tonight that she was canceling her upcoming European tour, and that McCarren would be her last show “for this album” (I believe that’s what she said). That was news to me, and I don’t see anything about it online. In addition to a bunch of dates in Europe starting with the Sonar festival in Barcelona on June 21 (which still lists her on the program), her MySpace page still has her Bonnaroo appearance listed for June 13, and the Bonnaroo site has that too. (Also, I assume she’s not counting that $250-$7,500 benefit at MOMA on Tuesday.) I have made an inquiry with M.I.A.’s representatives and will post the response, but does anyone know what’s up?


Anonymous said...

how was the show?

B. said...

There's always been something slightly disappointing about M.I.A. live, but basically it was a very good show. Part of the reason it was so good was simply that it was a beautiful night in McCarren Pool, the first show there of the summer.

Anonymous said...

I heard the same thing last night and was also curious if this was true. I thought the show was great, I have seen MIA at SOB's/Summer Stage/Twice at the Pool/Terminal 5 and Studio B. The show at Studio B was the best IMO but last night was great. The weather was great, Holy Fuck played a great opening set, and MIA was good as always. The sound was actually pretty good if you were up in the crowd. I was dancing alot, seemed like people around me were just there cause it was the cool thing to do that night. Like why be in a crowd for a show like that and just stand and stare, and get pissed if you get your foot stepped on.