Sunday, June 15, 2008

Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, oh my

Friday was a beautiful night in New York. Clear sky, cool breeze, some beers, and brutal, hilarious No Wave. Lydia Lunch commanded a Teenage Jesus and the Jerks reunion at the Knitting Factory, featuring Jim Sclavunos on “drum” and Thurston Moore as the mystery bassist. It was a celebration for Moore and Byron Coley’s wonderful new No Wave book, about which I had interviewed them a few days before.

Someone named djfrankieteardrop posted this video of the last song of the set, “Orphans” (there was, as Lydia states, “no fucking encore”):

For the record, Information opened the show, and were fantastic, with songs even shorter and more atonal than Teenage Jesus’. Here’s an old (?) video of the original song. I have no idea about the source here, but if nothing else, it’s good for audio comparison: says: “Directed by porno trade mag editor Ivan Lerner in 1978, it cuts together Vietnam footage that almost captures the violence of the music.”

And here are Moore and Coley talking about the book:

Coming in a couple of days: Complete transcript of my interview with Moore, in which he talks about putting the book together, how he missed a chance to see Teenage Jesus back in the day because he didn’t want to spend the $3 at the door, and his addition to the mythos of the term “No Wave.”

TJ vid via BV.

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