Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yet another M.I.A. update: Stet Europe cancellation ... or is that just U.K.?

Despite what her record label says, M.I.A. told New York magazine’s Vulture blog that her European tour is definitely canceled, as she had announced from McCarren Pool on Friday. Or at least her “U.K. tour,” she said, allowing for a certain bullshit factor.

Her MySpace page has numerous European festival dates listed throughout June and July. No U.K. dates there, although she appears to have had at least two lined up: Dublin (which confirms that it’s canceled; also, that’s not the U.K.) and London (which as of this writing is still selling tickets.)

“My manager was supposed to cancel it yesterday,” M.I.A. told Vulture on Tuesday, “but he was watching football — don’t tell anyone — and he forgot.”

Whatever. I’m done with this. Anyone whose travel plans have been screwed up, I feel for you.

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