Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boredoms rumors: 9/09/09?

For various reasons, I didn’t go to the New York version of “88BOADRUM” on Friday night, which was led by Gang Gang Dance while the Boredoms themselves performed the piece in Los Angeles. “77BOADRUM,” last year, was one of the concert highlights of my life. But I knew that this one, while cool, could not compare; I’d rather hold on to the memory. (More important were conflicting social plans — I had a date with a very important 4-month-old that no number of indie drummers and freeloaders in skinny jeans was going to keep me from.)

But a source in Los Angeles tells me that when Eye was asked whether he would gather 99 drummers on 9/09/09 for a third iteration of the “BOADRUM” cycle, he had a surprising answer: 99 drummers was “too much,” but he would consider doing it with 9.

So who knows whether the show will happen, but we at least have learned one thing about Boreology: 77 is good, 88 is good, 99 is too much. I would love to know what the exact cutoff is.

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