Thursday, January 29, 2009

From the dustbin: ‘We’re the Jetsons (Jetsons Rap)’


It was the summer of 1990. PC users tinkered with the brand-new Windows 3.0 operating system. West Germany, seized with excitement for its imminent reunion with its Eastern brothers, won the World Cup. And hip-hop reached its ultimate punk-ass nadir, starting with “U Can’t Touch This” and leading up later that year to “Ice Ice Baby.” In between came the soundtrack to Jetsons: The Movie, which opens with this track, performed by some chumps called XXL.

The soundtrack is way out of print, but if you like what you hear, and want some Tiffany ballads (she did the voice of Judy Jetson), you can download the whole thing here and here. And you can see the YTMND Jetsons-Salt N Pepa here.


tresider said...

i've heard of a wil wheaton/mr t number that was a rap against drugs. no luck finding it though

MollyTorsvik said...

i love the best song ever is Steve McClintock - Maybe Love i love this song best and i wish i want some karaoke version to sing alone i wish i want some karaoke version on the soundtrack:)