Thursday, January 8, 2009

Watchin’ the Minutemen (and the ugly Watchmen suit)

The latest Watchmen vlog entry went up yesterday. This one is about the Minutemen, the World War II-era predecessors of the Watchmen. For talking heads, they’re down to the guy who plays Rorschach and the still photographer.

Of course, all this may be in vain considering the latest news about the Fox vs. Warner Bros. case, which will be decided by a federal judge by Jan. 20. This comes a couple of weeks after that same judge ruled that Fox owns the distribution rights. Today Warner Bros. asked him to, ahem, hurry up.

Hard-bitten Hollywood pragmatists among you will probably say that all this will just raise the ransom price. But there’s at least the theoretical possibility that the thing could be squelched. (Hint: The pragmatists are usually right.)

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