Friday, September 5, 2008

New Webb Brothers track


And it’s about time!

I don’t usually go for superlative hypes like “the greatest band you’ve never heard,” but if I did, one band I would certainly apply it to would be the Webb Brothers. These two (now three) sons of the songwriter Jimmy Webb released three marvelously epic, weary, druggy albums from 1999 to 2003. Maroon, which was released in the U.K. in 2000 and here in 2001, is the masterpiece, the pop-rock tragicomedy that Oasis never had the brains or sensitivity (or vocals) to make.

(The Webbs’ other albums are worth seeking out: Beyond the Biosphere in 1999, and a self-titled one in 2003.)

It’s been five long years of spotty web updates and unfulfilled album promises, but the band has finally posted a new song to MySpace, “Break Out the Sunshine.” Not clear when it went up, but comments suggest early August.

The boys are originally from Chicago, and spent time in London during the Maroon era. Now Christiaan, Justin and James Webb are based in L.A., and “Break Out the Sunshine” is a moody California dream piece à la Dennis Wilson. On the first few listens it didn’t kill me the way older songs like “I Can’t Believe You’re Gone” and “Who Wants to Get High?” did, but it’s classic Webb Brothers, wistful and histrionic and deceptively simple.

Their Wikipedia page says they’re working on a new album called The God Helmet. Please don’t make me wait another five years, guys.

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Jesse said...

I dig these guys, especially their first 2 albums. I thought their 3rd had some great songs but wasn't as solid as the other two. This new song sounds great, and yes, it is very reminiscent of the Beach Boys 70s stuff in general.