Friday, September 26, 2008

Presidential debate drinking game

You have to chug a beer when:

  • Obama says "is is"
  • McCain laughs like Elmer Fudd
  • Anybody says "pork barrel"
  • McCain says "My friends"
  • When Jim Lehrer tells them to talk to each other
  • McCain mentions being tortured in Vietnam (if he merely alludes: sip)
  • Obama says "John"
  • Obama says "simply not true"
  • McCain pushes for offshore drilling
  • Obama says "Oraq"
  • Lehrer asks the same question more than four times
  • McCain says "my entire career"
  • Anybody makes a gross arithmetical error
  • Either candy-date says "fundamental difference" (but if they only say "fundamentally different" — psych!)

Stick your finger down your throat when:

  • McCain says "maverick"

Boo when:

  • Either candidate says "the American people"


B. said...

Did McCain just say "Zerostan"?

B. said...

Apparently I wasn't quite as clever as I thought on this one.