Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Even better!

Come on, Mötley Crüe fans, at least show me the respect of using “I.P. Freely.”



Unknown said...

OK, so these anonymous commentators love watching a teased-hair band prance around in make-up, spandex tights and scarves, but somehow *you're* the "fag." And you're apparently an "idiot" for not appreciating the genius of Tommy Lee.

Does anybody really give that much of a shit about Motley Crue anymore? Did these people time-warp in from 1983 or something??

Anonymous said...

The Crue are like male peacocks: their costumes reflect the plumage of the uber-male. Those males who do not understand and mock this time honored position are obviously homosexual. Furthermore, those that would publish such slander are lacking professional skill, hence the use of the word "idiot", which comes from the Greek "idiotes", meaning exactly that.

B. said...

So let me make sure I have the reasoning straight here:

1. Motley Crue are male peacocks
2. They are also mediocre musicians past their prime, coasting on hits made more than 20 years ago
3. They hate each other and have said so publicly
4. They have a new album and tour to sell, and given the industry rumors, they were hoping for a major payoff
5. They didn't get the payoff
6. They are ubermales
7. Those who are amused by the idiocy -- which comes from the Greek word "idiotes" -- of middle-aged, greedy, mediocre has-been musicians trying to spin their fans in the most insultingly stupid way are not only homosexual, but are idiots.
8. And the reason for this is that true straight men love exaggerated male plumage, as well as words that include "cock"
9. And these straight men who love plumed cocks are not only too cowardly to use their own names, but too stupid to come up with a good fake one.
10. And therefore I, the author of the blog, am an idiot and a fag.

Is that right? Just making sure. Because it's a tremendously persuasive argument.

Yours cockily,
A straight man who thinks Motley Crue had about three good songs circa 1983 and have been obnoxious poseurs ever since

Anonymous said...

Motley Crue's best album, their masterpiece Dr. Feelgood, a chronicle of drug abuse and redemption, came out in 1989. Admittedly since then they have not released much that has topped that. Led Zeppelin's last good album was Physical Graffiti was in 1975 which gives them only six years of prime tunes while Motley Crue had a DECADE OF DECADENCE.