Monday, May 12, 2008

A better record map

Following my earlier posts and the map that ran in the Times, here’s my first foray into customized Google Maps: a fuller plotting of Manhattan’s record stores, past and present.

Blue markers represent stores that are open; red means closed; yellow is status unknown (mostly because I haven’t gotten around to making the latest batch of phone calls); purple means it’s a non-record store that has a significant music section. Like the list I have been updating — with extra details including the date each red one closed — I want to make this as complete and accurate as possible, so additions, corrections and news are all welcome.

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Last updated: September 2009

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I worked for Ben Karol of KING KAROL RECORDS for several years starting in the 70's. sadly there will never be a RECORD STORE with the inventory or a staff that had the knowledge that we had.