Monday, March 23, 2009

More awesome than Austin?

Rob wrote the other day with news from Los Angeles, in an e-mail with the subject line “More awesome than anything you will see at SXSW”:

Last night I attended the Greg Proops Chat Show at Largo, which has become a regular enjoyment for me. His “house musician” is Jon Brion, and his special interview guests were David Cross and Dave Grohl. The format is that of a traditional late night talk show (opening song, stand-up monologue, two interviews, closing songs).

I had two revelations during the show:
  1. David Cross is an insufferable a**hole — something I already knew, but have now confirmed without a doubt.
  2. Dave Grohl is a funny-ass motherf***er, and quite possibly the Best All-Around Guy In The World.
But the true euphoric moment came at the end of the show, when Mr. Grohl expressively read aloud the lyrics of two Manowar songs (“Gloves of Metal” and “All Men Play on Ten”) while Mr. Brion accompanied him on piano playing lullaby music.

Then the two of them jammed out a medley of ’70s cock rock songs like “Slowride” and “Two Tickets to Paradise” — Brion on guitar and Grohl obviously on drums. In the middle of it, Brion yells “Drum solo!!!” and Grohl just stops, looking around and feigning confusion. After about 7 seconds of silence, Brion yells again “John Cage cover, ladies and gentlemen!” and they immediately pick back up again. For the rest of the set, Grohl looked and acted like Animal from the Muppets.


He’s right, I didn’t see anything as awesome as Dave Grohl reading Manowar. But I did see a few good things. (And ate a few good things, too.)


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