Monday, March 16, 2009

The Dude, in prints


Finally I can post about this, now that a gift has been delivered.

I stumbled across the above image by Ben Swift last month in the classifieds, where dozens of prints are offered each day, usually by their creators and for very low prices — basically, you can get original work by the Shepard Faireys of tomorrow for 20 or 30 bucks a pop. Not all of it is exactly for the ages, but there’s some interesting work being done. Despite my occasional tirades, this really is a boom time for fresh, young poster art.

Anyway, the brilliance of Swift’s poster speaks for itself, even while the Fairey Obama portrait is fast on its way to becoming a visual cliché. I ordered one for myself and another for a friend. (USA Today ran an online item, and within a day Swift ran out of his 80 prints. He had to print up a second edition of 180 to satisfy demand.)

What’s even cooler is that the piece is a contribution to “This Aggression Will Not Stand, Man,” a group show of Big Lebowski-inspired art at the Signed & Numbered Gallery in Salt Lake City, which is run by the sister of a member of Weezer:


There’s some very nice stuff in the show, including the below posters by Tyler Stout (“Il Grande Lebowski”) and Pete McDonough (“Gutterballs”). A report from the gallery opening, with pictures and interviews, is here.


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