Monday, August 31, 2009

Black Francis on the biz: ‘The soup is soulless!’

Black Francis of the Pixies, a.k.a. Frank Black not of the Pixies, wrote Bob Lefsetz’s letter of the day today. It’s in response to a column about this article in the Sunday New York Times about Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” ad campaign, which is a very deliberate response to Apple’s popular “Get a Mac” spots.

He sez:

Subject: Re: I’m A PC

Dear Bob. Yes! I DID read the New York Times article today (even though I AM a career indie rock college drop out), and the same quotes about the “I am a PC” ad campaign jumped out at me, too. Too many lame-ass, greedy cooks in the kitchen! The soup is SOULESS! Thankfully the beat goes on…

Black Francis (The Pixies)

Hope he’s not taking any personal offense at those ads. Oh look, here’s one of them now:

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