Friday, August 7, 2009

Misleading press release of the day


3 Nights of SPARKS!
Peter Evans & Tom Blancarte + special guests

ROULETTE presents
20 Greene St (between Canal and Grand St)
Admission $15 Students/Seniors/Under 30s $10 MEMBERS FREE

Wow, three nights of Sparks! And at Roulette! I am still kind of jealous that London got 21 nights with them.

Wait a second, “Peter Evans & Tom Blancarte”?

Sparks (Peter Evans and Tom Blancarte) has been playing together since 2005. From the beginning of the formation of the duo, they have been constantly working to push their own boundaries of density and speed of interaction while freely improvising. They have performed extensively in New York City and the U.S., and have toured several times in Europe, performing at festivals such at Žedno uho 9 in Zagreb and at the Ring Ring Festival in Belgrade. Since their formation the duo has performed both as a self-contained unit and as a part of larger groups, including performances with Nate Wooley, Peter Brotzmann, Han Bennink and Lisle Ellis. Their first (self-titled) CD was released in 2008 on Creative Sources.

Seriously, another duo dare call themselves Sparks, and on stages as conspicuous as “Žedno uho 9 in Zagreb and at the Ring Ring Festival in Belgrade”? Do Ron and Russell Mael know about this?

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