Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Press release(s) of the day: Grungy skies, blind denials

1. There’s no statement like a nonstatement. And there’s nothing like a nonstatement to make you wonder what is not being stated. Until I saw this, the last thing on my mind today would have been Jadakiss:

Please the official statement from Def Jam Recording Artist Jadakiss regarding the incident that took place this week.

“What happened on Saturday was an unfortunate situation but one in which I have no involvement in. Since the release of my recent album ‘The Last Kiss,’ I have been on the road touring and promoting my project. I am focused on my performance schedule and career.”

It took Google 0.18 seconds to fill me in with this. Please the official statement!

2. I’ve heard good things about Virgin America and really would have tried it. But then ...


August 26, 2009—Rock icon, Chris Cornell, holds one of the most defining voices in music history. On November 1, 2009, Cornell and Virgin America launch a unique partnership between an artist and a commercial airline. This special partnership will include in-flight programming, radio contests, performances and more.

Starting in October and running through the holidays, the entire Virgin America fleet will feature Chris Cornell music on all flights. His latest LP, Scream, has been added to the airline’s music library and select songs will be a part of a collection of music that plays as passengers are boarding. Beginning in November, passengers will also have the opportunity to experience various Chris Cornell music videos and albums throughout their flight.
So you have to listen to Chris Cornell while you’re waiting for Zone 4 to be called, and while stuck in your seat? Is there at least some “Black Hole Sun” or Temple of the Dog?


rudylandsam said...

have you heard Scream yet? It's amazing...

Robert said...

What was wrong with the late 90's electronica they've been playing so far?