Friday, February 20, 2009

Yes, Eddie Money has an autobiographical musical, and it’s called ...

... Two Tickets to Paradise! What else could it be called, right?

Between this and the death of Ronnie Spector’s sister, I have now thought about Eddie Money more times in a week than since PYX 106 circa 1987.

Eddie Money says his autobiographical stage musical, “Two Tickets to Paradise,” was “a lot more fun when it was a hobby. Now it’s a job.”

That’s because the production — which traces Money’s life from his decision to leave the New York police force and head to California for rock’n’roll stardom — is set to premiere June 4-14 at the Dix Hills Performing Arts Center at Five Towns College on Long Island. The show is built around hits from Money’s 15 albums, as well as six new pieces he wrote for what director/playwright John Blenn calls “bridges” between scenes.

“It’s a really cool thing,” Money tells “We’ve been auditioning dancers (and) actors, building sets. It’s starting to get there. The whole thing is overwhelming; every time I get insecure, which is often, I look over at John Blenn and he tells me it’ll all work out.”


Blenn adds that the initial run is designed to “take the next step towards Broadway. A lot of producers are coming in to look at it at this point.” Money, however, is cautious about the prospects of the Great White Way. “Broadway is doing so bad now,” he notes. “They closed ‘Spamalot.’ They closed ‘Young Frankenstein.’ It’s a scary time to be working on a new play, y’know?”

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