Friday, January 4, 2008

Dear Book of Secrets


Dear Book of Secrets,

I think I’m in love. Her name is M—— M——, and I just love to f—— her so much. Oh my God, BOS! She’s got incredible platinum hair, boobs out to here, and such a figure. Madonn’! She should be in pictures. Oh wait, she is! You have to see this girl with my d—— in her mouth. While Khrushchev is holding on the phone! It doesn’t get any better!

The boys have been good about keeping the whole thing quiet. But I’m worried that it’ll get out anyway. And Bobby said that M—— has been chatting a bit too loosely lately, getting bombed on pills or vodka or whatever and blabbing to whoever’s around, even reporters! (Blecch!)

So I decided: she has to die.




Jackie said...

You've lost your marbles. It's amazing. I hope there are other witnesses.

Rob said...


Jesse said...

I have actually seen Book of Secrets and it's actually much more mundane than this, just things like a Hidden City of Native American Gold and Squanto's Power Word and maybe where the Ark in Raiders of the Ark is put.