Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Steve ’n’ Robin: Career opportunities

Following up on our conversation about the downward spiral of disappointment and mediocrity that are the careers of Steve Martin and Robin Williams, here is a look at what both have on the docket. As you might expect, they are not planning to turn things around anytime soon.


  • Traitor (2008). He’s not acting in this, but is one of two writers (it was his “idea,” says IMDB) and is executive producing. Plot description doesn’t say much: “A special operative working with a terrorist group becomes the target of the CIA.” Variety adds a little: “Story centers on a former U.S. Special Forces operative who’s aiding terrorists, although it’s unclear where his loyalties actually lie.” Stars Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce. Could be good, right? Not so fast: director is one Jeffrey Nachmanoff, who co-wrote The Day After Tomorrow (and thinks the public can’t tell “what is real and what is fake” in it). Sigh.
  • Pink Panther 2 (2009). Somebody kill him please.
  • Old Dogs (2008). Buddy comedy with John Travolta, directed by the maestro who did Van Wilder. Also features Travolta’s daughter Ella. “Two friends and business partners find their lives turned upside down when strange circumstances lead to them being placed in the care of 7-year-old twins.” Did Danny DeVito turn this down? I also see that one of the two writers, David Weissman, has as one of his more prominent credits Dream a Little Dream 2.
  • The Krazees (2009). Family comedy co-written by a guy who was a PA on Jumanji. Based on a book for preschoolers. Plot: “Unable to deal with his daughter reaching puberty, a psychologist (Williams) has to get a handle on his emotions, which have come to life as different characters.” Expect lots of CGI.
Can they be saved?


Anonymous said...

Steve isn't acting in Traitor so it doesn't count. Steve may be notable as the only actor to step into Inspector Clouseau's shoes for a second time [there have been three other non Peter Seller Clouseaus: Alan Arkin in 1968, nobody Ted Wass in 1983, and Roberto Benigni in 1993] but it still will be a travesty. The Williams films sound like such a rain of crap that it might make Pink Panther 2 seem like Ben Hur.

Anonymous said...

Just attended an event tonight featuring an interview between Carol Burnett and Steve Martin (promoting his new memoir). You know what? He's a consummate craftsman with four decades of work behind him. We should all go fuck ourselves.

B. said...

So was the interview anything like this, then?