Monday, January 28, 2008

‘The paper was incorrect’

chud 1


A recent report on cannibalistic underground dwellers misstated the species designation of the creatures. They are humanoid, not human.


An article in the Metro section recently reported on a troglodyte population who lure or coerce people into city sewers and then eat them. Based on police reports and eyewitness interviews, the article characterized the underground dwellers as human. A correction in this space, prompted by a public announcement about the creatures, noted that they are humanoid, not human. In the announcement, the creatures were identified fully as Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers.

As readers have pointed out, by definition CHUDs cannot be cannibals if they are not human. (At best they could be called man-eating, which would render the acronym of their name MEHUD.) This New York newspaper should have noticed the contradiction and consulted with experts on man-eating humanoid underground dwellers before accepting the terrorists’ self-appointed name, and additionally should have given the humanoids an opportunity to comment. The paper regrets the error.

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