Friday, January 25, 2008 on Megadeth?


Apparently there’s more to the federal economic stimulus plan than just tax relief and Fed rate cuts. Injecting some vintage thrash into the market, offers an exclusive interview with noted economics expert (and selfless neighbor) Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. (This follows Bankrate debriefings with Nikki Sixx and Liz Phair.)

Strangely they don’t talk about finance or investing at all, although Mustaine notes the elasticity of thrash demand due to the “whimsical involvement of fair-weather fans,” and reveals a phone number (619-717-2000) where he can be reached as part of “a service we have called ‘Say Now’ where the fans can call and leave me messages.”

I’m considering calling and asking him whether the Democrats caved too readily on Bush’s refusal to extend unemployment benefits and increase food stamps. Any suggestions?

(Thanks to Tresider for the tip.)

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