Friday, January 25, 2008

Press release of the day: Journey retreats to the one place Steve Perry cannot hurt them


... which would be Second Life.


January 25, 2008 — On February 1, multi-Platinum rockers Journey will release their new Virtual Island in Second Life. A grand opening party is planned inside Second Life at the “Journey Rock Band” sim and will feature a meet and greet with band members. Live DJs will be spinning many of Journey’s classic hits, recorded studio and live performances, as well as lots of other great music for fans to party to! The grand opening party is scheduled to start at 10:00am ET/PT. The Journey Island region in Second Life is named “Journey Rock Band.” Learn more at

Journey has long been known for innovations in stage sets, so creating a Second Life Island for fans to enjoy was an easy decision. The Island features dedicated areas for each album along with audio and video presentations. There are also two venues on the island, the Escape Club and the Captured Amphitheater, where live SL events can be held.

Neil Schon and co. have been spending a lot of time pointing and clicking lately. Last month the band announced that they had found (the remarkably well Wiki-documented) Arnel Pineda, their latest in a long line of Perry replacements, via this incredible YouTube clip.


rudylandsam said...

that IS an impressive wiki entry!

Anonymous said...

his wikipedia entry is about the size of the F Scott Fitzgerald entry. i guess that means they contributed equally to american culture.