Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Personal note: Mr. Retzer goes to Sundance

american son

Huzzahs to Sam Retzer, fellow white man, Rudyland Records founder, Echo Park Music and Sound principal and Petitioners shredder-in-chief, who in his capacity as professional composer has a new film in competition at this year’s Sundance festival, which opens Thursday.

The flick is American Son, directed by Neil Abramson and starring thespian rapper Nick Cannon (above). Sam co-scored the film with Tim Boland, the Irish ying to Sam’s Central Virginia yang at Echo Park. The two also did Stomp the Yard, last year’s $61 million sleeper hit.

American Son was highlighted in a New York Times story about the festival slate, and the Salt Lake Tribune, while kvetching over yet another movie with “American” in the title, gives it strong 10-to-1 odds in the dramatic category.

Bonne chance, dudes. Especially with getting into those private dinners and parties so exclusive they’re at “undisclosed locations.”

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rudylandsam said...

there will be a private party at the Escape House this Friday for Steve Martin and Robin Williams fans!