Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hail to Bulgaria

According to the municipality of Kavarna, a city of 12,000 on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, there was quite a summit of metal grayhairs there on New Year’s Eve. The town rang in 2008 with a metal concert, “as has become traditional in recent years,” featuring Saxon, the Manowar hangers-on HolyHell, and a Bulgarian band called BTR.

The Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest of this party were none other than Joey DeMaio and Eric Adams of Manowar, who were ferried there by someone who is actually somewhat famous:

Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson himself flew the two to Varna Airport by the Iron Maiden jet, Dnevnik daily reported. Kavarna mayor Tsonko Tsonev said that it was the first time in history for the lead singer of one legendary band to fly another legendary band to Kavarna.
Also on hand: medics freed from a Libyan prison.

Apparently the boys from Buffalo have been spending a bit of time in Bulgaria lately. Part of Manowar arrived there a month ago to promote their newest DVD, Live in Bulgaria: Kaliakra Rock Fest 2007. And of course you’ve already gotten your tickets to see them at Kaliakra this July, right? Here’s a clip of Adams singing the Bulgarian national anthem, “Mila Rodino,”* at Kavarna last June:

*The lyrics are actually kind of Manowar-like:
Countless fighters fell
for our beloved nation,
Mother, give us manly strength
to carry on their course.

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